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Our story is one of innovation, experimentation and a track record of success. Since the foundation of Envirolite¬†in the early 90s, we have developed a reputation for solving even the most technical packaging problems. By wrapping our recycled paper honeycomb with recycled paper facings, bonded with a water based adhesive, we had the basis of a flexible and cost-effective packaging solution that we could cut, score and shape to our clients’ exact needs.

Paul Gill, Business Development Manager at Envirolite, has been with the company since the 90s an there’s not much he doesn’t know about working with honeycomb packaging. He works closely with clients to recommend the best possible packaging solutions having taken the time to fully understand their requirements. Clients love his positive, problem-solving approach and appreciate his insight as a true expert in his field.

By adapting our techniques and constantly refining our methods, we started being able to solve clients’ complex problems by designing bespoke solutions. This became a core part of the Envirolite¬†history and is still very visible in how we work today. We’re known for our ability to create beautifully simple, high-performing results, and will always go the extra mile to do this.

We’re always looking to improve how we do things, and aren’t the sort to rest on our laurels. This year, we’ve invested in a new die press which enables us to produce higher volumes of converted work and lower our prices. Our specialists are also working with our clients to develop and roll out significant changes to our range of boards. These will allow us to produce more premium boards that are lightweight, using a higher quality paper for a smoother and stronger finish for heavy duty solutions.

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