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How we work

We use 100% recycled paper honeycomb that is strong, sustainable and incredibly effective. We use only the best materials on every project we work on, but that’s not why clients from across the globe choose to work with us again and again.

We are an established company with over 20 years of experience doing what we do, with a truly ambitious team in place. Our people are talented beyond measure and have created stunning solutions to some of the industry’s most technical solutions.

Driven by a desire to make things better, our designers, technicians and manufacturers come together to develop cutting and scoring techniques that will enable us to convert boards in a way that will save money, materials, space and time.

Our conversion techniques are unique and set the standard for what can be achieved using the right tools, materials and approach. We believe in thinking differently and adopting a creative approach, but combine this flair with an ingrained love for practicality. Our specialists design solutions that work and produce measurable results for our clients.

Our process
  • Paul will visit a site, understand the problem and where possible, bring back the unit that will need to be packaged
  • We develop a proposal document that includes 3D design concepts, benefits and pricing
  • We provide a prototype and 2D CAD drawings for the client
  • Our customers will test the solution
  • The customer will then place an order
  • We stay in touch to ensure our customer has all they need in the short and long term

To learn more about how we work, simply get in touch by emailing envirolite@dufaylite.com.