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Protective packaging for storage and transit

Whatever products you are looking to transport, our protective packaging solutions will give you peace of mind. Our protective packaging is manufactured from unique honeycomb structured cardboard, making it extremely strong, versatile and environmentally friendly.

Envirolite’s protective packaging has harnessed nature’s strongest natural form, honeycomb, to make one of the strongest and most protective packaging solutions. Envirolite technology is made by layering a honeycomb pattern between two thin layers this provides strength through tension.

The structure not only makes the protective packaging stronger and more durable, but also extremely lightweight with impressive cushioning properties due to the inner cellular structure.

Envirolite’s protective packaging has been designed to protect a wide variety of goods during storage and transit without adding extra weight. The protective packaging developed by Envirolite is made from 100% recycled material meaning it is therefore 100% recyclable itself making it one of the industry leaders.

The advantages to using Envirolite’s protective packaging are endless. The product is sold flat pack, saving space with storage. Due to the versatility of the protective packaging, we can provide off the shelf, readymade packaging, as well as bespoke packaging solutions. No training is required when putting the packaging together.

Envirolite’s protective packaging technology can also be used as a void filler when transporting goods, which can also be re-used, making our products one of the most cost effective.

Contact us for more information on our packaging products by emailing envirolite@dufaylite.com.

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